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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the program costs?

Our credit repair program has a one-time setup of $25.00 that is due when you sign up for our services. Then, the monthly fee of $75.00 is auto drafted every 30 days after your initial enrollment date.

Example: If you signed up July 25th, you’ll pay the one-time setup of $25.00. Then, on August 25th, the service fee of $75.00 will be auto-drafted monthly.

What's the difference between you and your competitors?

Unlike many of our competitors, we specialize in credit score growth. So, in addition to helping our clients remove negative inaccuracies from their credit reports, our clients average 50-100 point credit score increases with ALL 3 credit bureaus within JUST 6 months of working with us.

What if I want to bring my spouse aboard?

Our credit repair program is designed to identify credit triggers that has caused your credit score to be stagnant or poor. This process also includes the removal of any inaccurate information listed on the credit profile. There is also a step of rebuilding to reposition the credit content of the report by adding positive credit. Each month a different goal is set and resources are provided to help implement a change in everyday life.

Are the services you offer compliant with state and federal laws?

Credit repair and tactics used by Witness Riches, LLC are 100% legal. The Fair Credit Reporting Acts allows consumers to challenge the validity of any inaccurate or obsolete information on any consumer report. Through this act,Witness Riches, LLC will only exercise guidance that is parallel to what the laws have specifically laid out.

What is your refund policy?

Each client has 14 days to cancel their enrollment to receive a full refund of the $25 payment. And, by 90 days of working in our credit repair program, if we were unable to remove ANY derogatory information from your clients’ credit reports, we’ll process a full refund of their past payments (3 months) if they decided to cancel.

How long is the process?

To see average results, typically it can take six (6) months to fully see it’s full potential. During the six-month enrollment, clients typically see a credit score increase within forty-five (45) days of initial enrollment. Depending on the severity of your credit reports, it may take up to a year to reach the score progress you desire.

What's your cancellation policy?

Our contract has no forced requirement for how long you must maintain our service. That means you may cancel at any time without suffering cancellation fees. However, our credit repair service is paid 30 days in arrears, so it’s still the client’s obligation to pay for services already rendered if canceled. But, to avoid occurring additional service fees, you MUST cancel 14 days prior to your due date.

How do you obtain my credit reports?

Once you enroll in our service, we will send an email with information on a credit monitoring system that we highly recommend. There is an additional cost, $1 for a 14-day trial, then $10 monthly after we share with you how to get it reduced within the trial.

We really want to help you BOOST your credit scores 50-100 points within 6 months of working with us. In order for you to hold us accountable and make sure this service is meeting your expectations, we must be able to track the progress of your credit report & scores. Without credit monitoring, there’s no way to do that.

We understand there are free services that provide credit monitoring that you’d rather use, like credit karma for example. However, those services available don’t provide all 3 credit reports and scores. The service you acquired is to improve all 3 scores and reports. It would be nearly impossible to provide an efficient service without having the tools to track the changes & progress of your reports and scores. That’s why we recommend obtaining credit monitoring, to better serve you and give you peace of mind.


Do you need my social security number?

We understand that your information is very important and it needs to be protected. To work with us, it’s not mandatory for you to send us your social security number. However, two forms of ID are needed when we send disputes to the credit bureaus.

Below are your options for acceptable Forms of ID that we accept:
-Drivers License or State ID (mandatory)
-Social Security Card
-Utility Bill
-Pay Stub
-Bank Statement



What if I want to bring my spouse aboard?

We’d love to serve you both. To get your spouse started, all we would need you to do is have them enroll at this link:, then send us an email to [email protected] to let us know that your spouse has signed up. We will then add a $12.50 discount to both of your accounts, saving you $25 monthly on our credit repair service.

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Our clients average 50-100 point credit score increases with all 3 credit bureaus within just 6 months of working with us.

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