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We believe that ALL people deserve the same opportunities, even our own. As a black-owned business, we understand the financial struggles and roadblocks that our people face when trying to advance in a society built to profit from the labor and hard work of its people. In the fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of our people; our mission is to create credit-worthy individuals and families so they can transcend beyond the barriers that are designed to undercut their potential and greatness we ALL deserve to attain. You can help our cause by allowing us to serve you through our credit repair service.

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Our Clients Average 50-100 Point Credit Score Increases Within 6 Months of Working With Us


We pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients produce faster results compared to the industry norm. We refuse to drag on the dispute process. Instead, we focus on trying to resolve credit reporting issues as quickly as possible under the Fair Credit Reporting Act & Fair Debt Collection Practices Act guidelines. People work with us because of our track record of placing our clients over profit.

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Client Testimonials

I ran across an Witness Riches on FaceBook. I immediately joined. I’ve been pleased with the outcome. During the first 30 days, items have been removed from my credit report. What I like most is.. once you’ve joined the group the support begins immediately. Emails are answered in a timely manner and the staff is in constant communication with you.


I was skeptical at first I didn’t want to be ripped off and because I am cheap lol. But after a little over a month I began to receive notices every week or two from the credit bureaus advising me of another item being deleted. And in turn my credit score was raising. I had 11 items deleted from Experian and it jumped 30 or 40 points. I’m telling you is worth the monthly subscription and the private good provides you with encouragement, information and real people’s success stories. Do it I promise you will be satisfied.


I found Witness Reiches via Facebook and after using another large credit repair firm for almost year I was stalled and not improving but not declining. After a few important instructions about increasing positive lines I have jumped over 80 points and now I am in the Mid 600’s and still climbing after only 2 months of being onboard. Yes, this is because of actions that I have been told to take but my previous company did not tell me about taking those actions and Witness Riches did! Thank you!


I love this company! I started in August and my scores were low 500’s! It is now December and not just one, but all three of my scores are almost 700!!! I love that you pay on a month to month basis, no contract, and this team works diligently until they get results and they get results fast!!! I also love that the program is affordable and to top it off, you can actually talk to the owner when there are concerns or questions!!! You also continuously receive tips and suggestions on how to keep your credit scores from dropping any lower and special promotions to help save money!!! I’m staying until I’m rubbing elbows with the 750 club!! Highly recommended them!!


Jason White

Jason White

Founder & CEO

What’s up party animal!

I want you to know that I appreciate the mere simple fact that you’re here with us right now. As the leader of Witness Riches, it’s my focus to give each and every one of our clients the outcome they desire, and that’s helping them boost their credit scores across the board. You’re here today because there’s something that you want to accomplish in life like buying your first home or refinancing a car note. But, what I want you to keep in mind is that your credit score success means more, it’s also about obtaining purchasing-power to take your family and community to the next level.

I’m really big about helping those I care about change the dynamic of their lives through positive financial change. Whether you know it or not, but you represent a very underserved and ignored community. That changes now. I have taken it upon myself to make sure that no longer happens by creating Witness Riches. I have designed a credit repair service that satisfies the need our communities desperately yearn for.

I want to uplift and transform the lives of the people we touch. Today can be the beginning of a new age for you. But the only thing that’s holding you back is the inability to act. That can all change if you allow me and my organization to service your credit repair needs.

I’m very confident that you’ll make the right decision. We do look forward to serving you.

Sending positivity your way,

Your credit guy

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Our clients average 50-100 point credit score increases with ALL 3 credit bureaus within JUST 6 months of working with us!

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